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After a slow start with social media I am now loving the interesting, smart and funny things I read daily on Twitter.

The people I have had virtual conversations with about the important topics of the day such as fishing discards, the aquaculture feed industry (especially after Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s Fish Fight and the prawn feed programme),  lobster hatcheries and the challenges facing creel fishermen (Marine Conservation / No Take Zones, weather and storms, problems with supply and demand and the effect on prices etc) are a great source of information and help me to understand the needs and important issues of the fishing industry.  I also enjoy a giggle and the funny pictures, jokes and witty banter especially from those manning the twitter feeds for national organisations.

Social Media is great to get a feel for the mood of the industry and keep up to date with news but I also ensure I meet with stakeholders within the industry regularly and attend conferences and exhibitions as well as reading the trade press and latest reports relating to the aquatic environment.  By understanding the latest research, communicating this to our clients and using the science to further develop technology and processes we can make a positive difference.  Practical solutions to enhance fisheries – simple.

Now I have finally launched my new website I hope to post regular blogs communicating the science, policy and economics which influences your business whether that is  Aquaculture, Fishing, Coastal Tourism or any project relating to the fantastic aquatic environment around our British coast.  I hope some of my ideas and experience can help you to improve your fishery whether that means it becomes more sustainable, profitable or efficient.

Best Fishes
Errin x